Contract Cleaning

Commercial and Residential Contract Cleaning

At Paradise Property Maintenance, we are ready to take care of all of your commercial and residential cleaning needs. We provide flexible, meticulous and consistent cleaning for every size of business and every size of home.

Commercial Cleaning:

We work across many different types of businesses, from offices, through to hospitality and retail, and will happily create a schedule that is tailored to your needs. With this will come the assurance that your business will never be adversely affected by our provision of this service – our staff can do their work during business hours, in the early morning, at night, or on the weekend – whichever you prefer. We are happy to either provide all products and equipment, or to use those which you make available on site.

Domestic Cleaning:

Just as we provide a cleaning service to offices and businesses here in London and the South East, so we offer reliable and effective help around the home. A regular service can occur at a frequency which best suits your home and lifestyle, and we pride ourselves on remaining as flexible as possible, so as to meet your needs as they shift and change with family life. The number of hours of assistance you require will depend on the number of chores you request and the size of your home – we are happy to consult with you, if you are unsure of what those requirements may be.

If your home has not had a thorough clean in a while, we suggest booking in for a longer session first, to allow your cleaner to get on top of things before commencing your regular service. This guarantees that you will get the best possible ongoing results.

We also provide a ‘Spring Cleaning’ service – which can occur at any time of the year! This could mean a very detailed clean of the whole house, or giving a particular room or rooms a good going-over.

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End of Tenancy Cleans:

Paradise Property Maintenance can provide a one-off cleaning service at either the beginning or end of your tenancy, whether you are moving between commercial premises or residential properties. A thorough, deep clean as you leave will preserve a good relationship with your landlord and ensure the return of your deposit, while freshening up a new place before you move in, will mean no nasty surprises and a quicker unpack.

Builders Cleans:

Once our builders have completed their work and you are ready to enjoy the renovations, we invite you to book a thorough ‘Builders Clean.’ During this process, our professional cleaners will use specialised equipment (and much elbow grease) to remove all of the debris and fine dust that can remain behind after such work, even by the tidiest of builders on the smallest of jobs. This dust is disastrous for the health of your home and can linger for months. We will thoroughly wipe every surface, deep clean carpets, dust, mop floors, and polish windows, freeing you up to enjoy your brand new (and freshly cleaned) home.

Window Cleaning:

A simple interior and exterior window clean can make the world of difference to your home or business. This is especially important if your windows are a primary way of connecting with customers – however, even at home or in a second storey office, a view through clean glass can really brighten your day! We work to the highest of standards and, as with all of our other services, this team can be booked on a regular or on-going basis, or for a big one-off clean.

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