Paradise Property Maintenance’s professional tradespeople have the skills and experience to beautifully transform both the interior and the exterior of your home or commercial property. Whether your surroundings are simply feeling a little tired, or you are wanting to reinvent or update an apartment or office in preparation for attracting new tenants, we will take care of the project from beginning to end – communicating clearly with you every step of the way, providing a quote, keeping within budget, and sticking to the time-line. You paint for us the picture you are seeing in your mind’s eye, and we will break it down and make it happen; alternatively – if that picture has not yet formed – we will happily provide advice, inspiration, and ideas to get you started.

As with every other aspect of our business, our redecorating work takes place across a range of commercial and domestic environments, and is carefully planned and monitored. With such a wide variety of tradespeople on our staff, we are very used to managing projects which incorporate multiple specialties – and can do so on your behalf. We absolutely pride ourselves on our precision, care, and close attention to detail, and will manage every step of the project in a way that minimises disruption to residents, tenants or employees.

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We can advise you on all of your materials: paint type and colour, wallpaper and wall coverings, lighting and light fittings, flooring and floor coverings – we have the expertise and the experience to cover every little detail of your refurbishment, and will walk with you along every step of the process, from the ideas stage, through to completion.

A number of our staff are licensed to operate powered access machines, such as cherry pickers and 3a mobile vertical and 3b mobile boom machines. These additional skills ensure that, whatever the site or circumstances, we will have safe and easy access to every level and every cranny of your building. No job is too big or too small! Contact us to begin your journey towards fresh, revitalised – and more valuable – buildings and homes.

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