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Residential and Commercial Contract Garden Maintenance

At Paradise Property Maintenance, we are equipped to take care of every aspect of your garden, whether it be in a commercial environment, or a domestic one. Our services include grass cutting and lawn care, weed control, hedge trimming, pruning, strimming and planting, as well as garden clearances and tidying up overgrown areas. We will happily design, construct and plant a new garden for you, re-create and update an existing one, or take care of an established garden. Our considerable experience and specialist knowledge enable us to select the plants and materials best suited to your particular landscape and environment, taking into account maintenance costs, watering requirements and the hardiness of the plants, as well as your personal expectations and experience. Paradise Property Maintenance provides all necessary equipment, arriving at your door with a full arsenal of gardening and maintenance gear, guaranteeing that any and all tasks can be taken care of immediately. All tools and machinery are maintained to the highest standards, ensuring both the safety of our staff while on site and the health of your plants and lawns. We are happy to establish a schedule that best suits the client, with visits occurring on a regular basis (daily, weekly, fortnightly, monthly, etc.), or to establish a more casual arrangement, coming in to complete one-off jobs or for seasonal clearing and clean-ups. We pride ourselves on our reliability, arriving punctually for an appointment and completing the work conscientiously and efficiently. We understand that this work (and, indeed, any tasks relating to your property) needs to be undertaken with a spirit of care; our teams work with great attention to detail, and will carry out your requests to your exact specifications. We will keep you updated on progress and will happily consult with you at each appointment, if that is your preference; alternatively, we can work more autonomously and update you via phone or email. We are used to performing within the parameters of a ‘project’, and are happy to work to the specifications of a time-line and budget.

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Our gardeners understand that a lush, weed-free lawn is what sets your buildings and grounds off to perfection. We know all of the secrets to creating and maintaining a dense, even lawn throughout the year, taking into account the type of grass, weather patterns, human and pet traffic, frequency of mowing, and fertilising and feeding. We can repair a damaged lawn, and get on top of weeds, pests and diseases. We will take care of edging, and can either feed and water the lawn as it needs, or advise the client on how to do just that. Likewise, we will care for your garden borders with weeding and strimming, clipping hedges, pruning and planting. Again, our gardeners are extremely knowledgeable and experienced, and understand seasonal requirements, pests and diseases, feeding and watering. Pass the responsibility of your entire garden to us, and we will establish a lovely setting for your site and your buildings, creating true street appeal and a beautiful welcome for clients and residents alike.

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