General Building

General Building

Paradise Property Maintenance’s teams are made up of a wide variety of professionals across many disciplines, enabling us to tackle almost every one of your general building requirements. We will take care of your electrics and plumbing, brickwork, paving, carpentry, roofing, property renovation and general maintenance.

Construction work and repairs can be disruptive; Paradise Property Maintenance ensures that while our staff and tradespeople are on site, both business and everyday life will continue as normal. No job is too big, or too small, and every project is carefully monitored and managed. We understand which materials are best-suited to our southern environment, and all of our work is quality assured.

Electrics and Plumbing

We have a number of qualified electricians on staff, all of whom will accurately diagnose your electrical problem, and take care of it safely and efficiently. We work both commercially and residentially, and our services include lighting design and installations, outdoor lighting, phone line and data point installation, switchboard repairs and upgrades, safety inspections, circuit rewiring and upgrades, power outlet installation and repair, smoke alarm inspections and installations, electrical appliance repairs and installations, surge restrictors, circuit breaker installations and safety switches. We also provide a 24/7 Emergency Electrical Call-Out Service.

Likewise, our qualified plumbers are ready to help you during an emergency – they can also be booked to service, repair or replace your hot water cylinder. They will clear your blocked drains, repair your burst pipes and leaking taps, perform a video drain inspection, repair or replace your toilet or cistern, do gas installations and servicing on all gas appliances, and install your new dishwasher.


Brick is a warm, rich material, and can do much to enhance buildings or gardens of any era, whether it be in the form of paths and driveways, or seating areas and garden walls. We can extend, alter and repair, or we can start from scratch, laying your chosen bricks on the highest-quality base, to ensure that the work remains solid for years to come. We have an enormous range of bricks to choose from, in any number of colours, finishes, and sizes, and are happy to guide you in your choice of these, if required.

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Newly laid outdoor paving is low-maintenance and will do much to refresh and lift both your buildings and your grounds. We can create a paved area that is absolutely in keeping with the era of the home, and which will create a physical and visual connection between your building and your garden. We stock a full range of styles, patterns and finishes, and can advise you on the best choice for your property.


All of our carpenters are experienced and qualified, and can advise you on the very best materials for the day-to-day needs of your business or home. We will happily take care of renovations and extensions, and will build and paint fences, retaining walls, decking and pergolas; we can also repair damaged windows and doors. We will remove any existing structures and prepare the way for new ones. While on site, we can provide you with an MOT of the property, nipping any weather damage or wear-and-tear in the bud, and saving you considerable money on a much more serious job further down the line.


Paradise Property Maintenance specialises in all forms of roof installations, restorations and repairs, including tile roofing, metal roofing, downpipes, guttering, gutter guard, skylights and accessories. As with all of our work, these projects are carefully monitored and quality checked on completion. We are happy to consult with you on those materials which are best suited to your property.

Paradise Property Maintenance covers every one of your general building and maintenance needs – one phone call is all it takes to have a qualified, experienced trades person on site for emergency repairs, or to consult on an upcoming project.

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