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In addition to general gardening and the maintenance of your outside environment, Paradise Property Maintenance can take care of the very foundations of your garden, establishing turf, building sturdy fences and spacious decks, laying elegant patios and driveways, and installing irrigation systems. We can advise you on the design of the garden itself, leading you through the process of creation and decision-making until we arrive at the most beautiful, appropriate and practical design for your property.


Laying a new lawn requires both detailed preparation and careful follow-up. We can advise you on the variety of grass best suited to your site, taking into account soil depth and quality, anticipated traffic, sunlight and shade requirements, desired visual aesthetics and the resources available for maintaining it. We will then prepare the site, removing rubbish, rocks, old lawn and weeds, before digging or turning over the soil – and introducing fresh soil, if circumstances require. Finally, we will level the surface to guarantee adequate drainage, thus creating a bed in which your new turf has the very best chance of thriving.

Even with all of this careful preparation work, there is no guarantee of success if the turf is not cared for in the months following it being laid. In particular, the success of your new lawn will rely on regular watering and appropriate feed. We are happy to either advise you on how to do this, or to take care of the process on your behalf.

Fences, Decks, Patios and Driveways:

Before your new lawn is in place and vulnerable to heavy traffic, you would be wise to consider its surrounding features, such as fences, driveways, kerbing, paths and patios. Such details will beautify and finish the outside space, adding value to the whole property.

We have experienced builders, bricklayers and tarmac specialists on hand to advise you on the design and positioning of these features, as well as the most appropriate materials for your site – materials which will be of the best quality, and worked to the highest of standards.

We will happily clear and prepare the site prior to commencing work, removing existing structures as required. Likewise, at the completion of the project, the site will be vacated only after it has been fully cleared and returned to its former state.

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Garden Design:

Whether you are considering altering or upgrading the design of your garden to best complement your buildings, or if you are starting from scratch on a new site, Paradise Property Maintenance will consult with you on the creation or re-creation of the landscape that best meets the needs of your property and your budget. Our gardeners’ wide breadth of knowledge and experience mean that they are in the best position possible to choose the most appropriate flowering plants, shrubs and trees for every corner of your site and for your circumstances.

Water Irrigation Systems:

Finally, to give your new garden and freshly laid turf the very best chance of success, we can complete the project with a wonderful irrigation system, planning it specifically for your site, so as to have it work as effectively and economically as possible. We can work above or below ground, install sprinkler or drip systems, and can advise on how to best harvest rain water, utilise collection tanks and grey water systems, as well as the installation of pumps.

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