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While it is not necessary to consider the growth habits of forest-dwelling trees, when we plant a stand-alone tree in a residential area, we must anticipate how that tree will grow – both above ground and below – and how that growth might impact the surrounding environment. The worse case scenario is a weak and unwieldy tree, growing dangerously close to power lines, and affecting walls and foundations. Whether your property has established trees which require management, or you are looking to plant new varieties, our tree surgeons can advise you.

Tree Pruning:

Pruning is a specialised skill – some pruning techniques are beneficial to the tree itself, while others can be wholly detrimental. It is rarely undertaken for the benefit of the tree itself, and badly executed pruning can cause great stress, making the tree vulnerable to die-off and disease. As such, it is important you get the right advice from professional tree surgeons – such as those on the team at Paradise Property Maintenance. We will speak with you in detail to develop a full picture of what you are wanting from both your trees and your greater landscape. From there, we will use our expertise and experience to ‘re-design’ your tree, reducing risk, while maintaining a balanced and natural appearance. We carry this pruning know-how into our care of hedges and shrubs, and will happily shape and trim these on your behalf. We can also advise you on all of your summer pruning.

Tree Felling and Removal:

If, following a consultation, you decide that the tree’s entire removal is the only solution, we can take care of the job from beginning to end. It may be that the tree has outgrown its available space, or that you are developing a property and want to assign a different purpose to that section of the garden. Perhaps there has been a major failure during a recent storm, and the tree’s removal has become urgent.

Whatever the case, Paradise Property Maintenance will take care of the felling safely and efficiently. We will leave the site immaculate, removing every piece of timber and debris, unless instructed otherwise. Our tree surgeons are very conscious of the impact felling can have on lawns and surrounding garden beds, and pride ourselves on the care taken around these.

Stump Removal and Treatments:

Once a tree has been felled, it is best to have the stump removed altogether. A stump can be a hazard, particularly if other plants begin to grow up and mask it and, in some cases, the tree can begin to revive itself and grow back.

We have a range of powerful equipment, some of which allows for access through household doorways and other very narrow spots; we can cater for both the large 2.5 metre pine stump in the middle of the lawn, and the wee 15 cm stump in that awkward corner of the backyard.

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Tree Care: Planting, Invasive Weeds and Threats to your Trees

We not only have the skills to prune or clear problematic trees – we also offer advice and support on the care of new and established trees. In fact, to reduce the likelihood of your having to remove trees in the future, allow us to help you select the most suitable tree for your property and your circumstances – we can then prepare the site and the soil, and even put the trees in the ground for you! Our knowledge extends to an understanding of invasive weeds and other pests and diseases, which pose a very real threat to your trees, both new and established.

Paradise Property Maintenance’s team of tree surgeons cover every aspect of tree care and understand the impact that a dangerous or badly positioned tree can have on a building and garden. Contact us today for an on-site consultation and for skilled and experienced advice on how to take care of every one of your trees.

  • Better growth habits for plants
  • Improved tree health
  • Less floating or dangling debris
  • Stimulated tree growth

To grant you these benefits, we employ levels three and five arborists. Rest assured that we’ll do our job properly and with skill. And as an insured tree and stump removal company, you can trust that we’ll safely perform our work.
Trust our team to restore safety to your property and leave you with peace of mind.

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